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Acting as a main connection component in the mooring line but also with a secondary "hang-off" facility to allow suspension of the mooring line during installation and recovery of the mooring system.


    Oceanside Equipment is the world leader in the design and manufacturer of mooring H-Links. With many high-profile projects, Oceanside has worked closely with its client to design and deliver connecting components for deep water moorings. Many of these projects span several years from concept to installation. The experience we have acquired is used in the design and customization of the components to improve the installation and in-service expectations of our clients.


Traceability of our components begins at the ladle steel pour, followed and tested at many stages throughout production.


Project specific ITP and MPS are prepared for full compliance to client and class requirements. The final load testing is done with our in-house, 3000 metric tonne purpose-built test bed.

The mooring system shall be fully certified by a regulatory body (American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) or ​Det Norske Veritas (DNV) and shall be considered suitable for use with Floating Offshore Installation (FOI). 

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